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Illustration & Design

Being a freelance illustrator takes a lot more than just drawing skills.
It takes commitment, professionalism & business skills to keep a studio running for over 10 Years!

Only The Best Pricing

You can get an illustrator for $5-$20hr online, there's thousands of them...although be prepared for the outcome and hair pulling experience.
Paul offers industry standard rates and Illustration Packages.

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Creative Discipline

With a core focus on illustration and a solid foundation in graphic design, Paul combines the best of both worlds propelling your project forward with an illustrated edge.

He is passionate about both illustration and graphic design, combined they can attract more business, promote a stronger brand and push boundaries that are set by photography or text alone.

One on One

Work with Paul directly from start to finish.

With one contact point, with the person who counts, communication becomes clear, our time is used efficiently and most importantly there is less room for creative misdirection. 

Client Focus

Paul works on one job at a time, no juggling clients and overloading work schedules. Your brief is his one and only concern so he can dedicate his time and thoughts to your project. In turn, he can forecast timelines, provide on-time revisions and meet deadlines.

Zero Fees!

Illustration agencies can blow the budget with their fees alone, even before any drawing is done. Paul requires no agent so...

• No agent fees (Saving around 25% of total)

• No hidden costs / An itemised quote lets you know the total cost for the entire job

• Industry standard rates and competitive package quote

Current Clients

Paul has worked with some of Australias biggest companies and agencies. 

Here are a few clients he is proud to have worked with.

Client feedback.

"Paul is excellent to work with, extremely efficient and a brilliant illustrator. He met all of our expectations and more for our project, I look forward to working with him again in the future!"


Tarleea Crain, Director


Feature: Point Leo

Outdoor Signage

About the project

In partnership with Monash University & Point Leo Foreshore Park & Reserve.

At only one hour away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, Point Leo is a coastal paradise steeped rich in natural and human history. From the indigenous peoples of the Kulin nation to the keen surfers that dot the shoreline, many have enjoyed the wonders of the surrounding native flora and fauna.

In 2015, Wild Melbourne partnered with both Point Leo Foreshore Park & Reserve and Monash University to reinvigorate the campgrounds with the use of novel interpretive and interactive displays. Such displays enrich the visitors' experience and foster an enhanced appreciation of the local environment and its conservation. I was lucky enough to work on this project.


  • Illustrations were displayed on outdoor signs in the shape of surfboards and posters for an activity centre.

  • Subjects include; Geology, Underwater, Birds, Fauna, Flora, Marine Mammals, Rocky Shore & Surfing. 

  • Illustrations were hand drawn and coloured digitally.

  • A guide map of Point Leo and the position of where you are situated was placed on the nose of each surfboard. These maps were created in Illustrator.

  • The entire board was then designed in InDesign and packaged for large-scale print.

Tools of the trade

Traditional meets technological!

Digital Illustration

Traditional pencil, pen & ink, pastels, gouache, and watercolour have been the tools of the trade since the start of the profession. Each with their unique markings for an unlimited amount of styles.

Fast forward to the present day and all of these wonderful tools have been digitised and even the paper.

Paul uses a Wacom Cintiq 22HD.

These devices aren’t a magic solution, you still need to know how to draw, but they do save time and materials which lowers cost for both the illustrator & client.

The Wacom Cintiq works with software like Photoshop & Illustrator, while using a pressure sensitive pen and screen to emulate traditional pens & paintbrushes...without the mess. 

Traditional Illustration

The process of an illustrator usually starts in the draft & concept stage. For many jobs, it is here the actual pencil does its job best. Ideas and concepts seem to flow better when one has no distractions other than a piece of paper.

Nicholas Building, Swanston St.

Melbourne City Studio

Pauls Studio is in the iconic Nicholas Building

L4/R23 37 Swanston St.

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